Summer Vibes and Grooves
Label : ©Brazilian House Grooves.
Artist : Various Artists.
Serenity Will be released on
Summer Vibes and Grooves compilation.
Remixed by Richard Ira Silver - Exit 1July 2022.
SERENITY Single 005 Polomusic® Out July 18th, 2020.
Summer Vibes and Grooves - 40 Music Tracks.
Serenity is on position #2
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Label: © Brazilian House Grooves
10 Tracks selected by Polomusic.
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Main Artist: Max Polo
Label: Polomusic®
Main Genre: Dance - House
Trance / Progressive.

TRK1: Serenity
TRK2: Serenity (Melodic Ver.) feat, Kira Baich.
TRK3: Licensed Serenity (Richard Ira Silver)
ISRC ITU94200026
ISRC ITU94200027
ISRC ITU94200028

PRO: ASCAP Work id 908258841
Master Owner: Phonosync

Mechanical License 2022
Music Label - Publisher:
Brasilian House Grove.

Polomusic Cover Artwork
Original Paint by Veniero Canevari.
Courtesy of kira Baich.

Trance 4 Friends Best OF 2023.
Label : ©Trance Gold Records .
Artist : Various Artists - Exit 07/26/2023.
Elevation has been released on various
Trance music compilations in this exepetional 2023. Exactly 20 years after its creation.
Precious Jade EP002 Polomusic® - Digital Relase 11/18/2009.
Elevation will close this Trance music collection in position #36.
Exit july 26 2023.
Label: © Vaious Labels & Artists.
40 Music Tracks selected by Polomusic.
Elevation is on position #22.

Composer: Max Polo
Label: Polomusic®
Main Genre: Dance/Trance.

Licensed Track Title: Elevation.
ISRC ITU940900012 - (Rec. 2003)
PRO: ASCAP Work id 886338223
Master Owner: Phonosync

Mechanical License 2022/2023.
Music Labels - Publishers:
Baccara Music.
Bootleg Beats.
Dance All Ways Digital.
Dirrty Budapest.
Future Sonic Media.
Most Dubstep Records.
Trance Gold Records.

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